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Medical Malpractice Defense

Despite tort reform, medical malpractice claims remain as prevalent and contentious as ever. That is why it is important to retain experienced attorneys who understand medicine and know how to present an effective defense.

At Waddell, Cole & Jones we aggressively defend medical professionals and health care organizations against allegations of medical malpractice. We represent doctors, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, psychiatrists, hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, clinics and other health care providers.

Our medical malpractice defense attorneys work closely with a network of highly trained and respected medical experts from across the nation to develop a successful defense for our clients.

With Us, It's Personal

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals devote their lives to healing the sick and injured. Charges of medical malpractice can be devastating personally and professionally. When these professionals are sued, they may contemplate leaving the profession. Our defense attorneys are dedicated to helping them through this challenging time with personal service and a tenacious legal defense.

A professional liability claim can put a professional's license and reputation at risk. As part of our health law practice, our medical malpractice defense attorneys represent physicians and other health care professionals before their professional review boards, defending their professional licenses and livelihoods.

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